The Shift has Hit the Fan

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has declared that it intends to begin certifiable testing of its planetary defense system over the next few years. This is a noteworthy venture for NASA’s Planetary Defense Coordination Office and planet Earth.

Specialists and space lovers would concur, that it was a cosmic impact responsible for the end of the dinosaurs. For the uninitiated, space rocks still represent a noteworthy danger to all life on Earth. Indeed, even a respectably measured space rock could prompt a world wide extinction level event

Named the Double Asteroid Redirection Test or DART for short, the mission will send the DART rocket on a crash course with the non-compromising space rock, Didymos, to test the shuttle’s capacity to divert the heading of the celestial object.

The Didymos space rock is roughly 800 meters crosswise and its body, also known as moonlet has a 150-meter measure. This object is ideal due to the fact that Didymos is roughly the same size of most asteroids that commonly threaten planet Earth.

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