The Shift has Hit the Fan

As the Trump administration continues to clamor on over the threat of terrorists organizations infiltrating its borders via Mexico, a recent report from the State Department paints a different picture.

It states that “no credible evidence indicating that international terrorist groups have established bases in Mexico, worked with Mexican drug cartels or sent operatives via Mexico into the United States.”

It goes on to say “The U.S. southern border remains vulnerable to potential terrorist transit, although terrorist groups likely seek other means of trying to enter the United States.”

While U.S. officials have not been cited saying that there has been a terrorist influx coming in from Mexico, Trump remains persistent that a threat indeed exists.

At a news conference at the Rose Garden on Friday he told reporters “We have terrorists coming through the southern border because they find that’s probably the easiest place to come through. They drive right in and they make a left.”

Obviously this is completely absurd. And if it were true then what’s the point of a wall in the first place if these would be terrorists are just driving into America through border crossings?

But as Trumps attention remains at his nations southern borders, the real threat of terrorism seems to be coming across the 49th parallel in from Canada.

Global News reported that “The libertarian CATO Institute said that from 1975 through 2017, seven people who entered the U.S. illegally from “special interest” countries — states tied at least loosely to terrorism — were convicted of planning attacks on U.S. soil. None crossed from Mexico. They came from Canada or jumped ship in U.S. ports, and all before special interest countries were classified as such. The plots were foiled and no one was hurt.

The only known terrorists who crossed illegally from Mexico in those decades were three ethnic Albanians from Macedonia who came as children with their parents in 1984 and, in their 20s, were arrested in the foiled plot to attack the Fort Dix, New Jersey, Army base in 2007, the CATO study found. They were not from a special-interest country.

But amidst the overwhelming evidence that no insurgents from Mexico have made their way onto Americas soil, Trump still plans on ramping up the fear over a bunch of baseless facts.

One has to hope that his supporters will finally be able to see through these blatant lies and seek clarification over the matter. But if a recent GoFundMe campaign is any indication of this, the chances seem horribly doubtful.

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